"This is real life. This is real life, right now."

Annie Sragner, The Great Sandbaggerizing of 2016

Sandbagger Sragner possesses a most amazing self-respect. She is always curious. She is always listening. She sincerely sees herself as one small but inseparable piece of the grander human experience.

Annie first came to the Red River Valley for The Great Sandbaggerizing of 2016, traveling 2,300 miles in the Sandbagger News Van. Her optimism and authenticity motivate us sandbaggers to nurture relationships with everyone we're lucky enough to meet. 

Annie curates Sandbagger's upcoming podcast 'The Big Picture.' She graduates soon from Towson University in Maryland with degrees in Molecular Biology and English. She is the Arts & Life editor at the Towerlight student newspaper. On the road with the sandbaggers this year, she ate her first canned silkworm pupa - and enjoyed it!

"You can run in literally any direction."

Sandbag with Annie


Twitter: @AnnieSragner

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