What's the Rush?

Photo via Creative Commons / Wikipedia

By: Ryne Meier, Sandbagger News
April 4, 2016

Recently, I got a “new” old vehicle and went to the Capitol building in Bismarck, North Dakota to get it registered. It was early January, and light snow was coming down. I parked the Dodge Dakota in the 20 minute parking zone up front, figuring it wouldn’t take long. It didn’t seem to matter. On this day, I had nothing in particular to do, nowhere else to go but home.

I walked in, pulled number 841, and sat down.

They called numbers in the 500s and 600s, and finally the first 800 number came up – 835. Just a few numbers to go and I’m outta here!

They called more 500s and 600s, then finally 836. Then 837. 837. Hello....? 837? No one stood up, and I looked down at my ticket and thought for a moment about trying to cut in line to avoid getting a parking ticket. I stayed put. I decided to wait.

Well over 20 minutes went by and I was still waiting. They called 840. They called it again, and again I was torn between trying to cut in line or just wait it out. I waited. Just then an elderly man came in the door, took his number, and sat down right next to me. He drew 018.

And within two minutes, sure enough, they called, 018 to window 5. The old man sat motionless; unaware they had called his number. Again, they called 018 to window 5. I leaned over and said to the man, “I think that is your number, over at window 5.”

He stood up without a word and shuffled over to window 5.

Number 841 to window 8!

I bolt over to the window. The truck is titled without incident. Returning to my parking spot, I find I do not have a ticket.