Who Can Steal More Votes?

By Ryne Meier, Sandbagger News
April 4, 2016

Donald Trump is the Democrat response to Republicans’ Voter Theft – but no one stands to capitalize on the chaos.

Donald Trump, Michael R. Bloomberg and Bill Clinton in 2008 at the Joe Torre Safe at Home Foundation Golf Classic. Rick Odell/Getty Images

Greg Palast wrote Billionaires and Ballot Bandits, an investigation into the rich private collective that tries to rig elections by preventing certain people to vote. It brought to light the fact that in 2008, 5.9 million votes were tossed out, according to the US Elections Assistance Commission. There is definitely big money being thrown around when it comes to trying to win elections. Both Democrats and Republicans are guilty of this – even wholesome old Ron Paul was in the Koch Brothers pocket for a while!

Despite the Republicans trying their best to win by denying voters, they were unsuccessful. And now, their plans have backfired. Is Donald Trump the Democrats answer to voter theft?

Or is he a pawn of the Clintons, with whom The Don can be seen yucking it up in photos online?

He’s cartoonish enough, constantly contradicting his views. He hardly states facts, saying things to rile up his opponents and the American voters. That’s because he’s not really a candidate – he’s there to tear apart the Republican Party, and he’s done a great job.

I believe he’s going to “graciously bow out to a more competent person better suited for the job” in Hillary. I believe it’s going to happen like this so Donald can try to save his image. What’s most horrible is that,  in this day and age, he might actually save face in many people’s eyes.

But Bernie Sanders is the monkey wrench in their whole plan.

Palast’s book showed that Hillary and Jeb Bush share some of the same donors. Those donors include bankers, CEOs, etc. Besides Google contributing to both Bernie and Hillary, their donors appear to be different, and that’s refreshing. The needs of America do not match the needs of a few select billionaires. With Bernie, I believe America can move towards a better, more honest way of governing.

Karl Rove came up with stealing votes, now Donald and Hillary are perfecting it. But it’s up to Bernie to capitalize on all of the chaos, to make enough people turn out and vote against all of the ridiculousness that has turned into politics. And he’s going to do it without the help of The Koch Brothers or Penny Pritzker. Maybe he’s a monkey wrench we can trust.