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Harm Reduction hub

006:  The hosts of the Harm Reduction Report chat with fellow GFunker Max about Christmases past. Stories of stigma, we decide, are bound to change with time. Hang in there, sandbaggers. Happy holiday weekend. Check in next week for our New Years Special.

The UND Psychedelic Club and Students for Sensible Drug Policy speak in professor Frank White's sociology 'Drugs & Society' course at the University of North Dakota (December 2017). Topics include confidential informants, opioid response, substance testing, and overcoming stigma.

Thirsty for Justice Thursday is a weekly speaker series hosted by Grand Forks attorney Kylie Oversen. This episode of the Harm Reduction Report features audio from last Thursday's seminar, which focused on addiction in our community. We'll hear from two of Kylie's guests: Frank White, Sociology professor and faculty advisor of the UND Psychedelic Club, and Michael Dulitz, newly hired Opiate Response Project Coordinator for the City of Grand Forks.


hrm_rdctn hub: Report 001

In downtown GFunk, sandbaggers gather at the rising water and discuss their ideas to bring the community together and reduce the harm associated with substance use in the Red River Valley.


Grand Forks, N.D.

In May 2016, a community gathered in a packed theatre to discuss increasing substance abuse and overdose deaths. 
MeiLi Smith's film 'Faded' tells stories of those we have lost. 

"There's a lot of weird things we have embedded in this culture...We have a communication gap." - MeiLi Smith




spreading perspective w/
Travel & Communication

'The Crow' - Thomas X

Opioid overdoses are increasing. Red Lake Ojibwe empower youth to engage their culture with music. Filmed in Red Lake Nation. July 2016.

'Rezolution' - Thomas X

Resilience is a valuable indigenous trait. Decisions made now are known to influence the next seven generations and beyond. Filmed in Red Lake Nation. April 2016.

Festival d'voyageur

French-Canadian and Metis heritage celebration. Students learn unexpected lesson of Louis Riel.
Filmed in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. April 2016.

Mic Jordan - NODAPL

'Dear Native Youth' + more.
Filmed in Standing Rock Nation. September 2016.

thomas x - nodapl

'I Stand with Standing Rock'
Filmed in Standing Rock Nation at #NODAPL Red Warrior Camp. September 2016.

Footage appears in vice:
'Hip Hop @ Standing Rock'

There is no history,
only circumstances.
— V. Benoit
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Chautauqua at Old Crossing

Old Crossing:
a legendary space in time

Exactly halfway between the Red River and the Red Lake, along the shores of the Red Lake River, is a place called Old Crossing. For hundreds of years, human beings have been gathering here to trade and communicate.

French Canadian voyageurs, Metis traders, Dakota and Ojibwe warriors, American settlers, and more. All made use of an old knotted tree at Old Crossing to leave messages to one another in it like a sacred cairn.

Some years ago, a flood drove sheets of ice on the river over the shore and destroyed the message tree at Old Crossing. The 36th annual Chautauqua this August 25-27 is an attempt to carry on the message tree's tradition of servitude, inclusivity, and sincere communication.


Old Crossing Treaty Park is located in Huot near Red Lake Falls. in west central Minnesota.

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Exploring the human-environment relationship

meadowlark whiplash

The Western Meadowlark is the state bird of North Dakota. Like the human cultures that have grown on the landscape for millennia, the wildlife and natural ecosystem have depended on native tall grass prairie. Today, it's nearly all gone from the state. Soon, the meadowlark may be too.

Winnipeg wildlife society
(2015 Conference)

Sandbagger News goes to Wildlife Society conference in Winnipeg. Students learn to communicate science with art & connect with others over shared ideas.

HPB Fundraiser thank-you

Students from UND's College of Arts & Sciences spent the summer on the Hudson Bay working with wildlife conservation. We couldn't have done it without the fundraising efforts of the UND Alumni Association. This is a huge thank you to our supporters -- and it comes with a promise that we'll continue to do all we can with the experiences you've helped us share.


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